Little Monkeys Café


At Little Monkeys we have a café where parents and guardians can relax with a cup of coffee. We have a variety of different coffees, Panini’s, Sandwiches, Scones, Hot food, Kids meals, Slush puppies and much more available here at a very affordable price. 

Tea and Toast                                             €2.50
Fruit / Plain Scone                                       €2.50
Portion of Chips                                          €3.00
Garlic Chips €4.00 with cheese                   €4.50
Curry Chips €4.00 with cheese                    €4.50
Dips €1.00 Panini / Ciabatta (3 fillings)        €4.50
Sandwich or Toastie (3 fillings)                     €4.00 

Fillings available: Breaded Chicken Fillet, Ham, Tuna, Cheese, Sweetcorn, Onion,
Lettuce & Tomato

Sauces Include: Mayo, Garlic Mayo & Sweet Chilli Sauce Extra Fillings 40cent each
Adult Size Portion of: Nuggets/Goujons/Cocktail Sausage/Chips €7.00